FireQ Desktop Documentation

Firefighters train so that they are prepared; they regularly maintain equipment so that they are prepared; and, they communicate so that they are prepared. Preparation keeps them ready to serve their communities and it keeps them safe. FIREQ-RVS (FIREQ) is a suite of tools that helps keep firefighters prepared; that helps them communicate; and, helps to keep themselves and their communities safe.

FIREQ Active Incident View

Your FIREQ system is a complete set of tools that will:

  • complement pager notification with text and phone calls from dispatch
  • assist with the management of your fire department
  • track incidents and response
  • communicate with firefighters during an emergency
  • track communications
  • manage personnel
  • track equipment and maintenance
  • provides multiple channels for non-emergency communications.

FIREQ Toolbar


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I didn't receive a text message or a phone call, why did that happen?

Please make sure that each of your members that expect to receive a phone call have a phone number entered in their profile, also check that their communication preferences allow text and calls.

Q: How come there is no invitation button next a members name?

If the invitation button does not show next to a members name, that means that they have already been invited, already signed up, or do not have an email address entered in their profile.