# Active Incidents

The active incidents page will show a list of all active incidents dispatched by you. Clicking on one of the incidents in the list will provide you with more detailed information.

Active Incidents

# Incident list

This list will show all active incidents. Clicking on one of the incidents in the list will bring you to the monitoring page.

Active Incidents List


You can use the search box to filter active incidents if you list becomes too large.

# Monitoring incident

When you click on one of your active incidents you will be brought to a page to view information about this ongoing incident.

Active Incident

# Description

At the top you will see a toolbar that includes information about the incident such as type and address.

Active Incident Toolbar

Close Incident

You can use the Close Incident Button to close the incident. This will remove it from your active incidents list.

Alternatively incidents are automatically closed for you when each of the departments close the incident.

# Responder Stats

The responder stats section will show information about the departments that have been dispatch to this incident. It will show a breakdown of the responders for each department, and what their responses were.

Responder Stats

If a department closes the incident, they will show on the list in a closed state.

Department Closed

# Mapping

The map will show the location of the departments that are responding in relation to the incident.

Incident Map

Map Type

You can change the type of map between street view and satellite view.