# Groups

Groups are an easy way to dispatch multiple departments quickly. We recommend that you put departments in a group that you often dispatch together.


# Adding a group

To create a new group click the Create Group button.

Add Group Button

This will bring you to a form to create a new group.

You will need to give your group a name, and select the departments who are in the group.

Add Group

# Editing a group

Click the group you wish to edit in the list.


The number (1) indicates how many departments are in this group.

Group List

Once you click to edit a group, you will brought to a page to edit the group.

Change the information for the group and click the Update button.

Edit Group

Delete Group

You can remove a group by clicking the Remove Group button.

# Using a group

Groups can be used when dispatching incidents from the dashboard. You can read more about it here.